Our Mission

Little Hill Sanctuary seeks to create a more kind world through rescuing and protecting animals from cruelty, providing them with sanctuary and compassionate care, and combating speciesism through promoting veganism.
We at Little Hill Sanctuary believe that animals are here in this world with us and not for us. We offer a place of refuge to farmed animals who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, and used as a commodity. Read more...

Meet Lambert

Lambert is a dorper ram. An adorable little ball of fuzz. An affectionate and very vocal boy. With crooked horns and black spots perfectly placed on each of his knees.
Lambert was on his way to becoming lamb chops. But when founders Camilla and Helbard met this adorable little creature they knew that they could not let that happen.
While on their way to the local hardware store one spring afternoon, they stopped by a neighborhood Read more...

Meet Lambert’s Friends

Rainbow the Rescue Roo was seized in a cockfighting bust where his feet were mutilated and he was forced to attack and injure other rooster friends. While Rainbow’s physical wounds have healed, we will never know the extent of the psychological injuries he endured at the hands of cruel humans. But Rainbow is a lover, not a fighter. He is affectionate and fiercely protective of all hens in his harem. He is intelligent and inquisitive Read more...

Meet Lambert’s Caretakers

Camilla founded Little Hill Sanctuary in 2016 after rescuing Lambert the Rescue Ram from becoming someone’s lamb chop dinner. She saw that Lambert is an individual who values his life, even if the vast majority of humans regard him as a commodity and food source. She wanted to help other animals live. Camilla set out to create a space where everyone of every species would be recognized as an individual and could live free from harm Read more...

Volunteer with Lambert and Friends

Want to volunteer to give goat belly rubs, clean horse stalls, or create new animal habitats?
Contact volunteer@littlehillsanctuary.org.
Lambert and friends will thank you!
Click here to volunteer with the animals.

Sponsor Lambert and Friends

Little Hill Sanctuary is a not for profit organization funded entirely by donations from animal lovers like you. When you donate to Little Hill 100% of your gift goes directly toward helping animals. Help us create a more compassionate world.
Click here to sponsor an animal.

How You Can Help

Your contributions help keep rescued animals safe and healthy. Every penny goes to continue our mission to rescue animals and give them the compassion they deserve.