Not a number. Not a fighter. Colorado is a serene and majestic boy. A lover of blueberries and
naps in his rescuer’s arms. He is stoic about his past and is slowly learning to trust his future.

Colorado was confiscated from a cockfighting bust along with 47 of his brothers. His comb and
wattles were cut off his body and his spurs were removed to make way for razors he would be
forced to fight to the death with.

Many roosters are liberated from cockfighting only to be
euthanized because of the misconception that ex-cockfighters are aggressive and cannot be rehabilitated.

Fortunately for these boys, animal rescuers around the country stepped up to find each and
every one of them a forever home and brought Colorado here to our Little Hill Sanctuary where
he will live his life in peace and be loved for the unique individual that he is.

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