Meet Lambert

Lambert is a dorper ram. An adorable little ball of fuzz. An affectionate and very vocal boy. With crooked horns and black spots perfectly placed on each of his knees.

Lambert was on his way to becoming lamb chops. But when founders Camilla and Helbard met this adorable little creature they knew that they could not let that happen.

While on their way to the local hardware store one spring afternoon, they stopped by a neighborhood yard sale. Helbard bought a few vintage cameras for his collection while Camilla was excited to find a box of antique mason jars. Behind the old farm house, there were several pastures of goats, sheep, and even a few miniature horses. Loving animals, Camilla and Helbard asked if we could meet their herd and the couple obliged. The woman tried to sell Camilla a beautiful young miniature stallion while the husbands talked the increasing price of hay. Camilla commented on a tiny, happy little lamb in a nearby pasture. The woman said that he was not a new lamb but nearly a fully grown ram named Lambert.

Lambert had been born with dwarfism and was rejected by his mother at birth because of his small size. The woman brought him into her home and bottle fed him for months to keep him alive until he was old enough and strong enough to return to the pasture with his family. She then said that she could not afford to pay for the feed for all of their animals any longer and needed to sell some of their herd to pay medical bills for her husband’s recent heart surgery. She would sell Lambert for slaughter at a livestock auction the following day.

Camilla and Helbard could not understand how someone could bottle feed and care for such an adorable little creature just to sell him off to slaughter.

As horrified as they were by Lambert’s impending fate, they rationed that a sheep was just not something that they should impulse buy at a yard sale. They told themselves that they were not prepared to properly care for him. They climbed in their truck, leaving Lambert behind. But as they returned home they could not stop thinking of little Lambert and his horrifying fate. Once you consider saving an animal, look into their eyes and recognize them as your equal and fellow citizen of this wonderful earth, you cannot walk away from that animal without feeling as though you have a responsibility to protect them and keep them from harm.

Camilla and Helbard turned the truck around to rescue little Lambert.