Meet Lambert’s Caretakers

our_mission_sqCamilla founded Little Hill Sanctuary in 2016 after rescuing Lambert the Rescue Ram from becoming someone’s lamb chop dinner. She saw that Lambert is an individual who values his life, even if the vast majority of humans regard him as a commodity and food source. She wanted to help other animals live. Camilla set out to create a space where everyone of every species would be recognized as an individual and could live free from harm on her small farm.

Camilla became a vegetarian just after her ninth birthday when she looked at Thanksgiving dinner on the table and recognized the main course as a turkey. She understood at that young age that turkeys and all animals are friends not food. She became vegan when she began to understand that animals are harmed when they are used in eggs and milk production.

Having worked in adoption, education, and housing for low income populations, Camilla has dedicated her life to helping individuals find the resources and support they need to live happy, healthy lives.


caretakers_sqAfter rescuing Lambert from slaughter and sharing the story of this remarkable little ram, Helbard was contacted with stories of many other animals living in unimaginable conditions, being sent to slaughter, and sentenced to death in shelters. He took in and cared for as many of these animals as he could with his own resources, but he knew that with the support of the community and animal lovers around the world he could do so much more. He and his wife, Camilla, created Little Hill Sanctuary to give more animals a place to live there lives free from harm alongside Lambert.

Helbard owns and operates Mockingbird Studios, a digital media firm on the California central coast. He is active in local politics and strives to make his community a better place for all human and nonhuman individuals everyday.

Helbard has been a vegetarian most of his adult life. He and his wife Camilla became vegan together the day that they met. Both were becoming aware of the abuse of animals when used as commodities and supported each other in their transitions to a vegan lifestyle.