Meet Lambert’s Friends

rainbow_sqRainbow the Rescue Roo was seized in a cockfighting bust where his feet were mutilated and he was forced to attack and injure other rooster friends. While Rainbow’s physical wounds have healed, we will never know the extent of the psychological injuries he endured at the hands of cruel humans. But Rainbow is a lover, not a fighter. He is affectionate and fiercely protective of all hens in his harem. He is intelligent and inquisitive about everything that surrounds him. He is the zen master of the chicken yard, displaying true acceptance of his past and gratitude for his future.



clover_sqClover came to Little Hill Sanctuary when the humans at her previous home could no longer care for her. When she arrived she was terrified of her caretakers and quite standoffish with other animals. While Clover has developed trusting relationships with other sheep, goats and horses, she is still not too sure about humans. But that’s OK, her caretakers love her and respect her right to keep them at a distance. Not long after her arrival, Clover gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Forest. Clover is a wonderful, fiercely protective mama to young Forest and at Little Hill Sanctuary both mama and baby can live their lives together in peace.


willow_sqBorn at Little Hill Sanctuary, Willow will never know the horrors that male goats endure in the dairy industry. He will grow up alongside his mother and know only love and compassion. He will have the freedom to frolic in the pasture, headbutt his friends to his heart’s content, and climb on everything and everyone he encounters, while his beautiful horns grow long. Willow’s unique individual personality will continue to emerge unhindered by fear and abuse. His mother can live her life with the peace that comes from knowing her child is safe, happy, and oh so loved.