This weekend we rushed our most beloved little ram Sprout to UC Davis for Emergency Surgery.

Sprout was not feeling well when he woke and continued to decline throughout the morning while we waited for our emergency veterinary team to arrive. They were able to do an exam, some testing, and administered some medications however there was not much more that could be done for Sprout here at the sanctuary. So we did the only thing we could do to save Sprout’s life and made the five hour trip to UC Davis.

By the time we got there Sprout was barely hanging on. The incredible team at Davis went right to work stabilizing Sprout’s vitals to get him strong enough for surgery.

The good news is that Sprout is now stable. The surgical team was able to open up his urethra to help him pass some very large stones. However Sprout is far from in the clear and will need to spend several days at Davis before he will be ready for a potentially more invasive surgery to clear additional blockages. They are also concerned about his kidney function and will be monitoring that as well. But we are hopeful that with this excellent emergency care Sprout will survive this.

This is completely unexpected and comes at the worst time as we are struggling to raise funds to rebuild after the flood. Every dollar we have raised has gone to building expenses. And now we are faced with what will likely be our most expensive medical bill ever.

This is a truly life or death emergency. Without this care Sprout would not be alive today. Please help us help him make it through and thrive again.