Sprout was born here at the sanctuary and has never known anything but kindness. However he has had his own challenges. Sprout was rejected by his young mother at birth and grew up inside our human home for the first few months of his life. He struggled with health concerns that were likely the reason he was rejected at birth. But with lots of love he began to thrive and was able to join his mama and twin brother in the pasture once again. Not long ago Sprout began to have other health issues and has been rushed to the veterinary hospital many times. Sprout is now stable and happy as can be but because of his health he will continue to require specialized care throughout the remainder of his life.

Sponsor Sprout and give him the gift of a life free from harm with the individualized care to help him thrive. Your sponsorship helps provide Sprout’s monthly feed, bedding, routine veterinary care, and lots of love. When you sponsor Sprout you will receive a beautiful photo of him with his heartwarming rescue story, a dedicated sponsorship certificate, and some Little Hill Sanctuary merchandise, along with quarterly email updates on Sprout.