Rex has the most heartbreaking story. He was found abandoned in a field at a small local farm. The type of farm that boasts happy animals and humane meat which folks love to romanticize as ethical. But there was nothing humane, romantic, or ethical about the way Rex was treated.

He was abandoned as a baby outside alone in the elements with a broken leg that without any care was quickly becoming infected. A good samaritan contacted our local SPCA and they went out to check on Rex and speak with the farmer. They asked the farmer to surrender the Rex but the farmer told the animal control officers that he would slaughter the lamb. As if that was not heartbreaking enough, it gets so much worse.

The animal control officers went back out to the farm two weeks later to follow up. What they found was devastating. Rex was still laying in the field, somehow still alive, but suffering. He had a badly broken leg with his little bone protruding out of an open wound which was at this point severely infected. He was weak, sick, dehydrated, and starving. This time the SPCA did not hesitate to bring Rex to safety.

He spent months recovering at their facilities. They didn’t know if he would make it. They didn’t know if he would lose his leg. They didn’t know if he would walk again. But they had to try. And miraculously he not only survived but thrived.

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