Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

The sanctuary is home to many animals rescued from abuse, neglect, and slaughter. Each with their own story, unique personality, and right to live their lives free from harm. After everything that they have been through each of them are so full of love and they want to be your Valentine!

Who will you choose to be your Valentine this year? Popsicle, Sprout, or Judy!
Sponsor Popsicle, Sprout, or Judy for the month of February and receive a certificate of sponsorship as well as a gorgeous photo of your new friend and their heartfelt rescue story. Or sponsor them for their lifetime on a reoccurring basis and receive a certificate of sponsorship and a photo with their rescue story as well as a sanctuary tshirt, exclusive quarterly updates on their life here at the sanctuary, and spontaneous gifts to show our gratitude for making this lifesaving work possible.


If you are local to us you probably know Popsicle’s heartbreaking story. At just a few months old covered in burns and cuts he was being offered for sale door to door in a nearby neighborhood…Learn More


Sprout was born here at the sanctuary and has never known anything but kindness. However he has had his own challenges. Sprout was rejected by his young mother at birth… Learn More


Judy was saved from slaughter with her daughter Liza. We were so happy to be able to keep this family together and give them a place to live the lives they deserve free from harm…Learn More

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