A lab tech reached out to us about a Yorkshire pig in need of rescue from a research lab. She had just one week to find a home before she would be euthanized. Bonnie had lived in a lab where cardiac studies are performed on pigs. However she grew too big too fast and became too large for their experimentation. Her compassionate rescuer wanted her to live and we could not say no.

Bonnie had never been outside. She had never walked on grass or rooted in soil. She had never been valued for who she is and not what she can do to advance human agendas. But Bonnie is not an experiment. She is someone. And she deserves to live her life on her own terms free from harm.

Sponsor Bonnie and give her the gift of a life free from harm with the individualized care to help her thrive. Your sponsorship helps provide Bonnie’s monthly feed, bedding, routine veterinary care, and lots of love. When you sponsor Bonnie you will receive a beautiful photo of her with her heartwarming rescue story, a dedicated sponsorship certificate, and some Little Hill Sanctuary merchandise, along with quarterly email updates on Bonnie.