Friends, Not Food

Friends, Not Food

More than 100 unique individuals call Little Hill Sanctuary their home. Sponsor any one of them and give them the gift of a life free from harm with the individualized care to help them thrive. Your sponsorship helps provide their monthly feed, bedding, routine veterinary care, and lots of love. When you sponsor an animal you will receive a beautiful photo of the animal with their heartwarming rescue story, a dedicated sponsorship certificate, and some Little Hill Sanctuary merchandise, along with quarterly email updates on the individual animal you sponsor!


Jenny was dropped off at the sanctuary gate unannounced by a concerned member of our community with a broken wing… Learn More


If you are local to us you probably know Popsicle’s heartbreaking story. At just a few months old covered in burns and cuts he was being offered for sale door to door in a nearby neighborhood…Learn More


Colorado was rescued from a large cockfighting bust several years ago. He and his brothers were mutilated and forced to fight to the death…Learn More


Judy was saved from slaughter with her daughter Liza. We were so happy to be able to keep this family together and give them a place to live the lives they deserve free from harm…Learn More


Cherie was rescued from an egg farm battery cage. She was weak and emaciated and suffering from reproductive disease. It was a long road to recovery for this girl…Learn More


Petunia was saved from slaughter with her best friend Canela from a local butcher and backyard farm…Learn More


Poppy was rescued from euthanasia at a local shelter. She was surrendered to the shelter in such horrible condition that she was beyond their resources to rehabilitate….Learn More

Edgar Allan Roo

Edgar Allan Roo was abandoned in the Santa Cruz mountains with three of his brothers. Abandoned domesticated animals, especially roosters, are at great risk of starvation and predator attacks…..Learn More


TaterTot was rescued from an unsafe living environment without access to food, water, or shelter. He was covered in feces and narrowly escaped slaughter just before Thanksgiving….Learn More

Sid & Nancy

Sid and Nancy were surrendered together after the family who raised them for slaughter had a change of heart before Thanksgiving. These two are incredibly bonded and it is beautiful to watch them live their lives together free from harm…..Learn More


Patches was part of a petting zoo at a local pumpkin patch. But when Halloween was over Patches found himself headed for auction. Thankfully a few kind humans intervened and brought himLearn More


Canela was saved from slaughter with her best friend Petunia from a local butcher and backyard farm. The two joined us here at the sanctuary when they were just a few months old and already big girls… Learn More


Lilah was found wandering near an auction site terrified with a tag in her ear. We knew what would happen if we did not act fast to rescue her and she was returned to auction…. Learn More


A lab tech reached out to us about a Yorkshire pig in need of rescue from a research lab. She had just one week to find a home before she would be euthanized… Learn More


Blueberry was found outside, alone, fending for himself in the wild. Fortunately he was captured by a kind human and brought here to the sanctuary. Blueberry is a game rooster and a former cockfighting escapee…. Learn More


Mama Ellis was liberated from a 4-H Dairy operation with her young son Finn. Ellis is considered quite petite for her breed and was therefore not considered ideal for dairy production. Finn being born a boy without the ability… Learn More


Mama Clover was saved from backyard slaughter along with her daughter Marigold. The circumstances that they were liberated from were some of the most heartbreaking we have ever seen. Because of this Clover still struggles…Learn More


Marigold was liberated from backyard slaughter along with her mother Clover. When Marigold was just a baby herself she birthed two beautiful boys Sprout and Leaf. Mama Marigold was so young that she struggled…Learn More


Liza was saved from slaughter with her Mother Judy. We were so happy to be able to keep this family together and give them a place to live the lives they deserve free from harm. Not long after they arrived at the sanctuary… Learn More


Edie has been through a lot. She was abandoned by cruel humans outside alone to fend for herself. While surviving in the wild she was attacked by dogs or coyotes and barely escaped with her life…. Learn More