One day Sprinter showed up outside of our sanctuary gate.  She was just a baby so we thought she would be easy enough to approach. But we were wrong. This girl was fast and very fearful of humans. It took us over an hour of tracking her up and down hills through neighboring strawberry farms to catch up to her. But we finally got her and brought her home to the safety of the sanctuary. We will never know where she came from but we are so happy to know she will live the rest of her life here with us. 

Sponsor Sprinter and give her the gift of a life free from harm with the individualized care to help her thrive. Your sponsorship helps provide Sprinter’s monthly feed, bedding, routine veterinary care, and lots of love. When you sponsor Sprinter you will receive a beautiful photo of her with her heartwarming rescue story, a dedicated sponsorship certificate, and some Little Hill Sanctuary merchandise, along with quarterly email updates on Sprinter.