One of our greatest monthly expenses for the animals is our electrical bill! Keeping the animals seasonally warm or cool, running the pump system to get water to the animals, and refrigerating the animals medications and fresh produce treats. It all adds up to a big expense!!
We also have very frequent power outages here at the sanctuary both in the winter months for extreme weather and in the summer month because of fire danger. With our water pump system no power mean no water for the animals which is extremely challenging. And using as much electricity as we do for 100+ animals is taxing on our environment.
This sanctuary was founded on the principles of healing both animals and the planet we share with them. With so many sunny days here on the California Central Coast we want to make use of all of that sunlight to power the sanctuary. For all of these reasons and more Little Hill Sanctuary has set a goal to go solar in 2023. But we need your help!
Although going solar will save us thousands moving forward it will cost just about $10 thousand for our initial set up. Can you help us reach this goal? There are two ways to support our Solar Campaign: through a donation here or purchasing a solar generator system from our Amazon Wish List! Thank you so much for helping us make this happen for the animals!!