All we want for Christmas is to make it through this year with the animals happy, healthy, and thriving.

We don’t have to tell you how challenging this past year has been for all of us here at Little Hill Sanctuary. First a devastating flash flood destroyed much of our infrastructure. Then inflation resulted in the highest feed prices and lowest donations we have ever experienced. And then we suffered many heartbreaking losses as we said goodbye to too many senior rescued friends who showed us this year was their time to go.

While we are heartbroken, we are hopeful that we can overcome these struggles, with your support, to celebrate a joyous holiday season with the animals and start the coming year off stronger than ever.

We are hosting a Holiday Feed Drive fundraiser to fill our hay storage to get the animals through this cold winter and into the new year.

Please consider buying a bale for $30 or giving any amount to help us get through 2022 and on to what, with your support, will be a much better year for everyone.