Over the past few years we have been through a lot on this property. Break-ins, fire evacuations, droughts that have dried our well, and floods that have destroyed our sanctuary.

But we have also done so much good. Saved so many lives. Changed so many hearts. And provided permanent life long sanctuary to hundreds of animals rescued from abuse, neglect, and slaughter. None of which we could have done without this land.

And although it has not been something that we have wanted to face, the reality is that this farm is just not safe enough for our Little Hill Sanctuary.

For the new year we have set our sights on a new farm that will be a forever home for our rescued family. I know this is a big undertaking but I also know with your continued love and support for these animals together we can do anything.

We have not found the perfect farm yet but we have been searching and there are so many amazing properties out there just waiting to welcome the animals and help us save so many more lives. We just need your support to make it happen. Over the coming months you will see us fundraising for a new farm to call home and all of the funds that we receive from these fundraisers will be set aside for the purchase of new land.

This new land will be a sanctuary for all. Not only will we welcome so many more animals, we will also welcome our community through events, education, and expanded volunteer opportunities. It has been challenging to face the reality that we need to make this happen. But now that things are in motion we are so excited and we hope you will be excited to join us in creating an all new Little Hill Sanctuary.