Many of the organic veggie farms that surround the sanctuary were impacted by the unprecedented floods in California this Winter. And while our hearts break for our neighboring farms this will also have a profound impact on everyone here at the sanctuary.

Being right in the heart of this farm land has always meant that free fresh organic produce was abundantly available to us and all we had to do was drive our truck up to neighboring farms and our bed would be filled with fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables for the animals.

But this year many of those farms have closed down and if they managed to make it through the harsh Winter and are still in operation their crops have been destroyed so they will scarcely produce enough food to keep up with the market demands and there will be nothing left for the animals.

One of the reasons all of the animals here at the sanctuary are so healthy and thriving is that their daily diets largely consist of fresh organic produce. But without the support of surrounding farms this will no longer be the case. Which is not only detrimental to the animals well being but it is also catastrophic for our budget because we are losing thousands of dollars of in kind produce donations a day. And with the already astronomical prices of produce we will not be able to make up that difference through fundraising to make grocery store purchases.

We are devastated by this reality and it could not come at a worse time when feed prices are at an all time high. We have thought long and hard about this and the best most affordable and sustainable solution moving forward is to focus more on growing our own fresh organic produce for the animals. But in order to grow that quantity and quality of produce we need to install a Greenhouse here at the sanctuary.

Because we are hoping to be able to move the sanctuary to a more secure and resilient location soon we need to purchase a Greenhouse kit so that we can easily deconstruct it and take it with us when the time comes. And we have found the perfect kit!! But it comes at a cost of $5000! Can you help us make this happen? Can you help us keep the animals happy and healthy with fresh organic produce all year long?