Edie has been through a lot. She was abandoned by cruel humans outside alone to fend for herself. While surviving in the wild she was attacked by dogs or coyotes and barely escaped with her life. Fortunately, some amazing humans found Edie and got her here to safety but she was greatly injured, losing both her ears, breaking her leg and tail, and suffering many wounds both physical and emotional. Edie has been let down by humans, but is so full of love. She has been hurt badly, but is so happy and determined to heal.

Sponsor Edie and give her the gift of a life free from harm with the individualized care to help her thrive. Your sponsorship helps provide Edie’s monthly feed, bedding, routine veterinary care, and lots of love. When you sponsor Edie you will receive a beautiful photo of her with her heartwarming rescue story, a dedicated sponsorship certificate, and some Little Hill Sanctuary merchandise, along with quarterly email updates on Edie.