Popsicle is our animal ambassador for the month of July. And this big boy is the best ambassador because he LOVES to make human friends.

Some of you may know Popsicle’s story. Just a few months old covered in burns and cuts Popsicle was being offered for sale door to door in a nearby neighborhood. A concerned family knew that they had to get him away from the people hurting him so they agreed to purchase him for just a few dollars. But they had no idea what to do with baby piglet so they surrendered him to a local shelter. The shelter reached out to us when they realized that Popsicle was a farm pig who would grow very, very big. We welcomed this sweet boy with open arms and he has been an absolute joy to get to know and watch grow into the big beautiful 500lb piggy he is today!

This big boy needs a sponsor! For as little as $25 a month, you can now sponsor Popsicle through our all new website and get exclusive Popsicle updates, photos, merchandise, and a sponsorship certificate to show our immense gratitude for supporting this beautiful piggy.

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