This week we had an emergency with Ruby.

When we went out for our night feeding we found half of our goat herd covered in blood. Just minutes before everyone was just fine peacefully grazing as the sun set. We frantically checked everyone but could not find the source of the blood. Until we saw Ruby.

Ruby is an absolutely tiny dwarf goat. She is so itty bitty that most folks think she is just a baby. But she is actually a really really small senior goat. And week night she broke her horn.

We have no idea how her horn broke. But it is not that uncommon for them to break off whether headbutting a little too hard or wedging it in the fencing. However it is extremely dangerous.

There was blood. A lot of blood. The top of her horn was broken off several inches down where there are many blood vessels and nevre endings. Ruby lost a lot of blood for her tiny body. She is at risk of infection. She is in a lot of pain although we are doing absolutely everything possible to manage that. And she could possibly be at risk for losing her horn all together which would be even more painful and dangerous.

Ruby is under the care of our incredible veterinary team. We are cleaning and dressing her wound around the clock. We are administering pain medication and antibiotics. And we are keeping her in isolation with us at all times.

What we need from you is support. Emergency vet care is extremely expensive especially emergencies like this that happen after hours. Please consider a donation to support Ruby’s emergency care.