Our veterinary team was busy last month with all of the medical concerns that suddenly came up in so many of the animals. We are so grateful to say that everyone is now healing. But what a month it has been.

First, tiny goat Ruby broke her horn. While Ruby’s horn is still not entirely stable it is healing so much better than we anticipated and we have managed to keep it from infection this far. Ruby still has a ways to go before she is fully healed but we are hopeful.

Popsicle our biggest piggy boy is doing much better as well! He became very ill last month. But after veterinary visits and regular treatments here at the sanctuary we were thankfully able to avoid the stress of transporting him to the veterinary hospital and he is thriving once again.

Ginger the miniature horse became very ill as well with terrible colic that took a while to pass. Ginger is unfortunately prone to colic as some horses are but this was the worst we have ever seen her and she gave us all a scare. We are so grateful that Ginger is healthy now and back to her silly self!

We wanted to let you know the amazing medical update we got for our turkey tom Sid just last week. After almost a year of battling a foot infection and weekly treatments Sid is infection free!! We will continue with his standing appointment with our avian veterinary specialists for a few more weeks just to ensure he continues to improve but for now we celebrate!

Thank you for your love and support to make this level of care possible for the animals.