Micki is our animal ambassador for the month of October. This beautiful girl has overcome so much and is an amazing example of how farmed animals can thrive when they are treated like someone and not something.

Micki was rescued from an egg farm battery cage. She was weak and emaciated and suffering from reproductive disease. It was a long road to recovery for this girl. But with good nutrition, supportive care, regular visits with our avian veterinary team, and some sunshine and fresh air Micki is now happy, and healthy, and thriving. We could not be more proud of how far she has come from the day we first met her.

This brave and beautiful girl needs a sponsor! Sponsor Micki and give her the gift of a life free from harm with the individualized care to help her thrive. Your sponsorship helps provide Micki’s monthly feed, bedding, routine veterinary care, and lots of love. When you sponsor Micki you will receive a beautiful photo of her with her heartwarming rescue story, a dedicated sponsorship certificate, and some Little Hill Sanctuary merchandise, along with quarterly email updates on Micki.

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