On New Year’s Day, amidst recovering from a nearly fatal flood which ravaged much of the sanctuary and will take years to rebuild, we welcomed Lilah. It was not the most convenient timing with many of our permanent sanctuary residents temporarily taking up quarantine space while we repair their pastures.

But rescue is seldom convenient and when we get a call about a young goat escaped from slaughter at our local livestock auction we respond by opening our hearts and our home. Lilah was named by the sweetest family who found her wandering near the auction site terrified with a tag in her ear. They knew what would happen to her if they returned her and they did not want that for her. So they reached out to us and we took a break from sandbagging and clean up to rescue this beautiful girl.

Lilah is sick, injured, very likely pregnant, and absolutely terrified of humans. Our vet will be out to assess her leg injuries and overall health this week and hopefully we will be able to confirm whether or not she is pregnant. Please help us welcome Lilah to the sanctuary and help us heal her pain as we rebuild.❤


Just two weeks ago the sanctuary was completely submerged under water by a devastating flash flood. And today the ground is finally dry enough to begin to rebuild. But we have a long way to go to get back to where we were in terms of supplies and infrastructure.

Here is how you can help!

Or to donate an item to our upcoming Auction to Rebuild Little Hill Sanctuary please reach out to us at animals@littlehillsanctuary.org