The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter reached out to us about a very sweet piggy in such bad condition that she was beyond their resources to rehabilitate. She was slated for euthanasia if a rescue did not step up. We are bursting at the seams but we just could not let this girl down. So please help us welcome Poppy to Little Hill Sanctuary.

Poppy is obese, depressed, uninterested in food, unable to put her enormous weight on one of her injured legs, has labored breathing, her hooves are beyond overgrown, and her skin is in heartbreaking condition. But despite how much humans have let her down Poppy remains the most sweet and loving piggy.

This sweet girl has a long road to recovery but she is only about five years old and with some love and extensive veterinary care she can have a long and happy life ahead of her. Can you help us give Poppy the life she deserves?

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